Comprehensive STEM™
Early. Often. Everywhere.
Inquiry, Project, and Mastery-Based STEM Educational System

Future-Proofing All Students and Educators by Developing 21st Century Skills Through Comprehensive STEM™ early, often, and everywhere.

Inquiry, Project, and Mastery-Based STEM Educational System

A 21st Century Education System

We’ve developed a 21st Century Education System with a Toolkit that includes the following: a Digital Platform, an Educator Feature, a Learner Feature, a Graduate Feature, and a Community Feature. Collectively this provides a Comprehensive STEM™ approach that employs captivating project-based courses and experiences for our students while providing implementation planning, platform training, and support for teachers, school and district staff, and other youth service providers. We utilize the collective impact framework to drive stakeholder buy-in and alignment around STEM under our Collective Impact STEM Integrated Communities (CISTEMIC) initiatives.

We’ve developed a 21st Century Education Toolkit that includes the following: a Digital Platform, an Educator Feature, a Learner Feature, a Graduate Feature, and a Community Feature. 

21st Century Digital Platform
* Includes online platform for in-school, after school, summer school, and out-of-school learning
* Offers project-based courses/experiences
* Includes an educator, learner, graduate, & community feature
21st Century Educator Feature
* Includes 8 Learning By Doing Professional Development (LBDPD) workshops to create 21st Century classrooms & STEM learning environments
* Integrates best-practices for teaching & learning to build STEM literacy
* Provides Integrated STEM lesson plans that include Science, ELA, Math, Social Studies/History aligned to national & state standards
21st Century Learner Feature
* Future-proofs students by introducing STEM education early, often, and everywhere
* Includes three models: self-paced, teacher-led, & hybrid
* Includes over 100 STEM courses/modules for grades K-12 centered on design thinking & Project Based Learning (PBL)
* Builds 21st Century & Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills
21st Century Graduate Feature
* Provides a career profile with a college & career guide for grades K-12
* Ensures each learner builds work readiness skills
* Includes Career and Technical Training (CTE), dual enrollment, internships, & industry-recognized certifications
21st Century Community Feature
* Builds a CISTEMIC plan that engages all stakeholders in the expansion of the Comprehensive STEM™initiative within the community
* Includes a "STEM Century" book & documentary that highlights each client-partner's STEM vision & journey
* Provides an LMS platform to sustain the development of the STEM talent & skills pipeline and expand the opportunities for workforce & economic development throughout the community
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We Believe That STEM is for Every Student!

21stCentEd believes in helping ALL students thrive in the 21st century by providing Comprehensive STEM™ education early, often, and everywhere!

We complete this mission by focusing on 4 core elements: Context, Access, Culture, and Community



Our children are not being prepared for the 21st century global economy. They’re being taught 20th-century skills with 19th century information. Our students are tech savvy; however, most of their parents, teachers, and other adults are not. That’s why we begin every project by helping teachers and mentors feel comfortable and confident inside and outside the classroom by understanding context setting.



ALL students must have access to STEM Education, in-school, after-school, or out-of-school; this is an education, workforce, and economic imperative for the United States. With our STEM platform, all students have ACCESS to STEM at all times.​



Students and teachers are trained to think outside the box about learning in the classroom. Teachers become the “guide on the side” rather than the “sage on the stage” and help students think critically as they problem solve deliberately.​



We structure the program and student learning to help strengthen and solve real-world problems in their communities. Everyone must be invited to the table with opportunities to contribute.​

What Our Educators and Students Say...

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