Book & Video Documentary

Introducing the STEM Century™ Book & Video Documentary—21stCentEd’s flagship solution for districts seeking to unify and enhance STEM education across communities.

Shape the Future with STEM Century™

This comprehensive Book and Video Documentary package includes a collaboratively produced book with contributions from teachers, students, and community leaders, and a professionally filmed 30-minute documentary that showcases your district’s STEM initiatives. Coupled with four tailored Professional Development workshops and the dedicated support of a Client Success Manager, this service is designed to inspire your community, elevate your educational commitments, and engage students in meaningful STEM experiences. 

Community Co-Creation

Engage with 25 contributors from your district—teachers, students, parents, and leaders—to co-author a book that captures the unique STEM narrative of your community. This collaborative process not only documents your district’s journey but also strengthens community bonds through shared goals and achievements in STEM.

Professional Documentary

Bring your district’s STEM initiatives to life with a professionally produced 30-minute documentary. Onsite filming highlights the impact of your programs, providing a visual testament to the innovative practices and success stories that define your community’s commitment to STEM education.

Inclusive Professional Development

Enhance Skills with Targeted Workshops” “Benefit from four Professional Development workshops, including one in-person session, designed to deepen STEM engagement and practical application among educators. These sessions are tailored to empower your teachers with the latest STEM education techniques and strategies.

teacher professional development

Dedicated Support

Receive unparalleled support from a dedicated Client Success Manager who ensures that all aspects of the STEM Century™ service are effectively integrated into your district. This personalized guidance helps optimize the impact and sustainability of your STEM initiatives.

What role does Community Involvement play
in your Comprehensive STEM™ strategy?

How It Works

The Book and Documentary are Just One Component
of Comprehensive STEM™

Comprehensive STEM™ is a framework implemented by 21stCentEd that provides STEM education to ALL students and educators, early, often, and everywhere through four phases of development: (1.) Context, (2.) Access, (3.) Culture, and (4.) Community that will strengthen talent, workforce, and economic development in all participating communities.