Can Parents Without Tech Teach Stem in Homeschool?

Teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is intimidating to many homeschool parents. You might question your abilities to teach your child these challenging subjects. However, the right sources make these subjects surprisingly fun and accessible. Here’s how low-tech parents can teach STEM in homeschool. 


The skills needed in the twenty-first century differ greatly from the ones taught for years in our places of learning. We live in a technologically advanced world where job skills have changed. Are we properly equipping our children to adapt to these changes? In most cases, we are not.

A STEM education not only teaches how to use its particular subjects but how they work together. Integrating these subjects helps students become critical thinkers with the ability to solve real-world problems. This gives them the tools they need to view situations outside of the box and solve them with analytical and creative skills.

Teaching how to become a lifelong thinker usually gets left behind as students cram for the next quiz or test, but by utilizing the STEM method, they become lifelong learners. It builds a healthy curiosity that pushes students to find the “why”.  STEM students gain problem-solving abilities that are used in and outside of the classroom.


As homeschool parents, teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics seems out of our reach. These advanced subjects often seem beyond our own comprehension and we avoid using them in our homeschool program. Homeschool curriculums often focus on the arts and avoid delving deep into these advanced subjects. Why is it so important to teach STEM in your homeschool classroom?

A simple answer to this question is the future jobs of your children. STEM education gives students skills to meet the demands of the modern workforce. By learning through a STEM program, students will not only gain the skills needed for a technical career but learn the critical thinking skills that they can apply to whatever field they choose. Let’s give our children the tools they need to enter the modern world.


Perhaps you struggled in math and science and you now lack the confidence you need to teach these subjects in homeschool. Maybe you did alright in these subjects, but consider yourself low-tech, and teaching computer science seems out of your reach. 21stCentEd has the perfect resources for you. The 9th-12th Academy is an excellent way to prepare your child for their future. Your child will get access to STEM-related courses and even a mentor to help them as they move through the program. Don’t worry about lesson plans or trying to explain tricky concepts. The Academy takes care of it all for you.

Another wonderful option is to purchase individual courses for your child. These online STEM courses provide exciting topics that will appeal to all students. From Video Games and eSports History to The Future of Space Exploration, there are plenty of courses that will set an exciting foundation for your child’s future in STEM. 21stCentEd provides these helpful education resources that make your job as a homeschool parent so much easier.

Another great resource is STEM camps. These virtual camps are a great way to introduce STEM activities and topics to your kids. Who doesn’t want to have fun while learning? This is a great option for those on a budget or on time restraints.

As a homeschool parent, don’t be afraid of the future but embrace it and allow 21stCentEd to help you on your journey. Together we will help our children be prepared to meet the challenges and exciting changes of the twenty-first century.

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