Design Thinking Through Code

A 21st-Century Education Course

$349.00 for 1 year

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Design Thinking Through Code

You may not know it, but everyone uses design thinking processes multiple times a day. Anytime there is a problem that needs to be solved or someone’s needs to be met, you perform a process similar to the principles of design thinking. This course will equip students with 21st-century skills as they are formally introduced to design thinking through coding a game for a “client” of their choice. Students will have fun engaging with and learning about their chosen “client” and learn and practice foundational programming skills in a human-centered approach to design.

What You’ll Learn

Associated Careers

  • How to program a computer game using Scratch Programming
  • The principles of Design Thinking and how they have been used and can be used to solve real-world problems.
  • How to use Design Thinking to create a video game with a personal client (a.k.a. customer).
  • Software Engineer/Developer
  • Video Game Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • And many more…

What You’ll Create

Associated 21st-Century Skills

  • Your own computer programming functions as you learn the Scratch block-coding program
  • A Frogger-type (or one of your choice) game using Scratch for a client of your choice
  • A computer game you can add to your resume and online portfolio.
  • Creativity
  • Design thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Perseverance
  • Communication
  • And more…


System/Equipment Requirements

    • PC: Windows 7 or higher
    • Mac: OSX 10.7 or higher
    • Yes, Chromebook compatible
    • Free Scratch account