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Unlock limitless STEM and CTE potential with self-paced, mastery-based digital experiences designed for K-12 students, featuring industry certification in cutting-edge fields.

Empower Every Learner: Over 100 STEM and CTE Courses

Elevate K-12 education with our Digital Platform License, offering over 100 diverse STEM and CTE courses, with new courses regularly added to ensure cutting-edge learning experiences. This platform provides K-8 students with foundational pathways and advances older students through specialized CTE paths that lead to industry-recognized certifications in fields like drone piloting, entrepreneurship, and Java programming. Tailored for self-paced and mastery-based learning, our digital licenses open doors to future opportunities, enabling students to thrive in their areas of interest with confidence and skill.

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Building 21st Century Skills

Wide Ranging Curriculum

The platform includes a diverse range of courses covering essential disciplines such as computer science, information technology, engineering, robotics, and graphic design. Courses like “Computer Science & Information Technology Basics” and “Design Thinking Through Code” ensure students receive a rounded education in fundamental and advanced tech concepts.

Career Preparation

Many courses are geared towards career and technical education (CTE) paths, preparing students for real-world applications and potential careers in fields like machine learning, robotics engineering, and digital arts. For example, courses in Java SE 8 and Adobe Illustrator offer preparation for industry-recognized certifications.

Engagement and Interactivity

The courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, using project-based learning strategies that encourage students to solve real problems. This hands-on approach is supported by courses such as “Lego Intermediate Robotics: Spike Prime”, which involves students in building and programming robots.

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Flexible and Accessible Learning

The digital platform supports self-paced learning, allowing students to engage with the material at their own speed and according to their individual learning styles, which is particularly beneficial in fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Support and Resources

Additional support is provided through online technical support and community forums, which help both educators and students maximize the use of the platform and ensure a supportive learning experience.

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9-12 Courses

Our innovative Career Planning Platform Licenses for grades 9-12 offer a comprehensive suite of resources for students, designed to empower them in their career exploration journeys. From personalized career exploration with our CareerChi™ Career Planning Tool to hands-on training in key STEM areas through our Career Prep Certificate Courses, we’re dedicated to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

View just some of 21stCentEd’s 9-12 course catalog below.

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Courses Are Just One Component of Comprehensive STEM™

Comprehensive STEM™ is a framework implemented by 21stCentEd that provides STEM education to ALL students and educators, early, often, and everywhere through four phases of development: (1.) Context, (2.) Access, (3.) Culture, and (4.) Community that will strengthen talent, workforce, and economic development in all participating communities.