Digital Platform

Part of Our 21st Century Education Toolkit

Our Digital Platform –
In-school, Afterschool, Summer School, and Out-of-School

We have an online platform allowing student and educator access at all times. 

Our Digital Platform offers Inquiry, Project, and Mastery-Based courses and experiences. It includes an Educator, Learner, Graduate, and Community Feature.

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Building 21st Century Skills

STEM From all Sides

A blended educational approach is required. One approach is to combine learning in and out of the classroom with support from after-school programs. 

21stCentEd approaches STEM learning from all sides – giving students the chance to achieve mastery early on through engaging, self-paced, innovative STEM courses, and design thinking methods focused on 21st-century skills, content, and knowledge.

Students enrolled in 21sCentEd will build their digital portfolio of projects that speak more powerfully to their skills than a resume ever could. With these digital portfolios, students will be able to highlight their projects in a more compelling way than ever before and become more attractive to companies looking for employees with mastery level skills.