Local Businesses Step up and Support the STEM Vision

District 159 is a grade school in the south suburbs of Chicago, with a mission to change the trajectory of the entire community and STEM is at the center of the conversation. Superintendent Dr. Mabel Alfred recounts a story of her first time fully understanding the Comprehensive STEM™ model laid out by 21stCentEd Founder and CEO, Marlon Lindsay, which put her on a path to make the impact she boasts of today. With a STEM lab major construction project being completed, a feeder program into the neighboring high school, a Comprehensive STEM™ plan underway with 21stCentEd, and community partnerships with Amazon and others, they are well on their way to transforming the lives of the students and all stakeholders in the district.

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At 21stCentEd, a strong tomorrow is what we’re all about. We’ve been deeply invested in creating interactive STEM tools for kids for many years.