STEM education in a post-COVID world


is the new normal in the future of work as companies work to become pandemic-resilient

The world of 2020

Everyone on earth has experienced a cosmic shift of lifestyle and routine in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies everywhere are struggling and will continue to struggle to stay afloat. And because of that, the need to cut costs will be greater than ever.

For many businesses, efforts to improve and advance automation have been ramped up significantly in response to the COVID-19 crisis due to the fact that employees have been unavailable to work in those same roles.

And now that these companies are seeing the cost-saving benefits of automation, it’s hard to imagine that they will simply roll back into a human-dominant work style.

STEM-based education is here

STEM and CTE prepare students to work alongside emerging technologies

Because of these types of changes, the workers of tomorrow must be prepared to work alongside technology rather than against it. This will only happen with a STEM-based education. There is a need to shift the mindset of how we teach students and help adult workers upskill in order to be competitive and successful. STEM education and training means workers of today and tomorrow will be much better positioned to work in new tech-forward and automated fields, becoming an asset instead of outdated.