Parental Engagement Improves Educational Outcomes

According to the National Coalition for Parental Involvement no matter what a student’s background or income level was, parental involvement made all the difference. If their parents were hands-on during their school career, they had a much higher chance of success. Many parents may not realize just how important it is for them to be actively involved in their child’s education. Here are some reasons why parental engagement improves educational outcomes.


Parental engagement is much more than simply asking your child how their day went at school. Unfortunately for many parents, their interest in their child’s education ends after this question. A study showed that while over 90% of parents agreed that they were involved in their child’s education, teachers responded by saying only about 60% of their parents were directly involved.

So what exactly is parental engagement? Dr. Joyce Epstein came up with six steps of what engagement actually looks like when it comes to helping our children succeed. While we won’t discuss all six of her steps, it is important to note that these steps show the importance of coming alongside our children as they walk through their educational journey. This looks like asking questions, volunteering at your child’s school, and building a relationship with your child’s teacher. If you homeschool or participate in virtual learning, things may look a little different, but the same principle applies: stay involved.

From elementary to high school, parents should know what is happening in their child’s education. How are their grades? What are their best and worst subjects? What can you do to help them succeed in their challenging subjects? Often parents will ask these questions while their child is still in elementary school, but when the child moves into middle and high school the questions stop. This is a tragedy since this is when our children delve into the more difficult subjects.


According to the Public School Review, the more involved a parent is in their child’s education, the more successful that child is in academics. From a teacher’s perspective, it is difficult to motivate students when they are not receiving the support they need at home. Students tend to think of their studies as an unimportant part of their life. Many think that it is just something to endure until they get out of high school.

As the world changes, many students look outside of what would be considered normal pursuits after high school. With the rise of TikTok and YouTube, many children seek to become famous stars from the comfort of their own homes. A study found that one-third of middle school-aged children aspired to be YouTubers. While some have made a career from social media outlets, it is a small percentage.

While technology is not going away, it is important for parents to come alongside their children and help them navigate their desire to pursue technology. Finding out your child’s strengths and interests will help you guide them toward realistic goals. This is where STEM education is crucial.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics may not initially sound like great replacements for a cool YouTuber career, but with the right approach, these subjects change lives. STEM courses seek to train students for the twenty-first century. So much has changed in the job fields in the recent past and a working knowledge of technology is becoming essential. As a parent, you have the opportunity to support your child in healthy interests in these up-and-coming subjects.

Although more and more schools are putting STEM programs and education into place, your child may not have immediate access to them. If you homeschool your child, your curriculum provider is probably lacking in these challenging subjects. 21stCentEd has the perfect solution. They have amazing online classes and programs that your child can do at home. If your child loves playing video games, a class like Intro to STEAM: Minecraft Edu Edition is perfect for them to learn and have fun at the same time. For an aspiring YouTube star, courses like Adobe CC: Video Production or Sound and Audio Mixing will show how a hobby can turn into a job.

No matter what your financial status is or where your child attends school, you as the parent have the ability to make the biggest difference in your child’s education. The more a parent is involved in their children’s education, the greater chance they have for success. If you haven’t taken the time to engage with your child, don’t worry you can start today!



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