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Pathways for Your School District’s Students

21stCentEd has a wide variety of STEM  courses designed to suit every student’s interests. We use mentors and coaches to overcome the STEM teacher shortages. With built-in lesson plans and curriculum, it’s easy for mentors and coaches to guide students through the lessons, even if they aren’t STEM experts.

Parents Take your child’s virtual learning up a notch.

Kids today are being taught 20th-century skills using 19th-century teaching methods for a 21st-century global economy. And they are falling behind in crucial skills as a result of this severe mismatch. At 21stCentEd, we are here to help your child learn important 21st-century skills through STEM-focused virtual learning.

With an emphasis on the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity), 21stCentEd makes STEM learning accessible to all students with self-paced courses that allow them to explore and learn online. With courses in animation, gaming, robotics, and digital media, and more…every child can find something to love about STEM.

3 Easy Steps to Enroll Your Child


Read through our grade-level options to select the suite of courses most aligned with your child’s interests and age.


Click ENROLL to create your 21stCentEd account for your selected suite of courses.


Show your child how to access their courses and sit back as they get prepared for a brighter future, all while having fun.