Professional Development

Struggling with outdated teaching methods? Empower your educators with our comprehensive professional development, designed to transform STEM instruction and prepare students for future challenges.

Transform STEM Education with Professional Development

The Emerging STEM Leader series is a premiere leadership professional development program designed for STEM educators who want to learn how to integrate STEM across the curriculum. Core concepts include Design-Thinking Infused Pedagogy (DTIP) and a Learning by Doing Professional Development model (PD) to empower STEM initiatives in classrooms and to foster student achievement in STEM. Upon completion of the series, participants will receive a certificate of participation by Howard University. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of educators and administrators, regardless of location and school size.

Flexible Workshop Formats

Experience up to 6 hours of intensive training through our combined in-person and virtual workshops. Designed to fit diverse scheduling and learning preferences, these workshops offer flexible, comprehensive training to enhance your STEM teaching skills.

Ongoing Virtual Coaching

Benefit from monthly virtual coaching sessions that reinforce and support the implementation of strategies learned during workshops. These sessions help you adapt new techniques directly into your classroom in real-time, ensuring continual professional growth.

Teacher Platform Licenses

Gain access to teacher platform licenses for workshop courses, enabling practical implementation of workshop concepts. This hands-on approach allows you to integrate innovative STEM education methods into your daily teaching practices seamlessly.

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STEM Camp Support

Leverage our support for STEM camps involving up to 500 students, which enhances learning through hands-on activities. These camps are designed to reinforce the workshop concepts, allowing students to apply their knowledge in engaging and practical settings.

Personalized Support

Receive tailored guidance with a personalized client-success representative dedicated to your educational goals. This personalized support ensures the successful integration of STEM strategies into your educational environment, enhancing both teaching efficacy and student outcomes.

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What role does PD play in a Comprehensive STEM™ strategy?

Key Goals

  • Foster student achievement in STEM across content areas

  • Be empowered to lead STEM initiatives in the classroom and throughout the school district

  • Provide a strong foundation in instructional strategies and protocols

  • Facilitate a Community of Practice within the school and district

Professional Development is Just One Component
of Comprehensive STEM™

Comprehensive STEM™ is a framework implemented by 21stCentEd that provides STEM education to ALL students and educators, early, often, and everywhere through four phases of development: (1.) Context, (2.) Access, (3.) Culture, and (4.) Community that will strengthen talent, workforce, and economic development in all participating communities.