The History and Future of Education

The History and Future of Education

This course is designed to prepare future educators for the classroom they will inherit! It starts with a history of education and how blended, adaptive, and personalized learning are coming to the forefront in learning. It then explores new and emerging technologies, along with their current and future impact on education. Throughout the course, students will explore a wide range of career possibilities in the education field and evaluate both the promises and pitfalls of technology in education.

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What You’ll Learn
Associated Careers
  • Emerging technologies, along with their current and future impact on education.
  • Key features of various Learning Management Systems and StudentInformation Systems required for distance learning.
  • The features and differences between blended, personalized, and adaptive learning.
  • About applications of AR/VR in education in the classroom and in corporate training.
  • The benefits and limitations of utilizing robots, artificial intelligence, and wearable technologies in education.
  • And more…
  • Educational Researcher
  • Educational Technology Engineering
  • Software & Robotics Engineering
  • K-12 and Postsecondary
  • Educator and Adminstrator
  • Educational Counseling
  • And more…


What You’ll Create
Associated 21st-Century Skills
  • A timeline of distance education from its beginnings to the present day.
  • An investigation of an educational technology company or product that supports blended, personalized, or adaptive learning.
  • Reports on the use of augmented and virtual reality systems to enhance learning experiences.
  • Discussions of the potential risks and downsides of utilizing wearable technologies for education, such as technical problems, high cost, and cheating.
  • and more…
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Integrity & Leadership
  • Adaptability & Perseverance
  • Regulation & Connection
  • and many more…


System/Equipment Requirements
  • A general word processing program (Word, Google Doc, etc.)


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