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Thank you to all those who participated in the 2023
STEM & Sports Series: Baseball Card Observational Challenge during NYC D9's Science Fair and STEM Expo
at Yankee Stadium

We look forward to next year's event!

STEM and Sports Series: Baseball


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Our events provide critical exposure necessary to hit STEM literacy goals ...

21stCentEd, is a sole source provider focused on future-proofing the global student population by introducing STEM education early, often, and everywhere. 

STEM Fests

A STEM Fest for the community provides the opportunity to introduce the idea of a STEM City/Town, inviting all of the community to this once a year event. We bring together local industries and the community to communicate the unified strategy for STEM collaboration and education. The District in partnership with 21stCentEd creates a comprehensive STEM environment for students emphasizing 21st century skills and STEM talent development.

STEM Fests

Summer of STEM (SOS)

Our SOS program will involve a multi-week intensive program to include topics such as Creativity & Innovation and Entrepreneurial Sprint, and culminate in a Pitch Competition. This will introduce them to the Design Thinking process and end with a final designed prototype of a product for their teacher, TA, or an adult participating in the camp.

Summer of STEM (SOS)

STEM Camps

STEM Camps engage adults and students in co-learning, project-based and inquiry-based experiences in STEM, design thinking, creativity, and innovation, building 21st century skills in teaching and learning that can immediately be practiced in-school, after-school, and out-of-school. Students will exercise agency to creatively design products, artifacts, and solutions and pitch or present them in a culminating STEM Camp Showcase. STEM leads will be trained and turnkey the training to teachers, who will apply their experience on their journey from being the “sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side,” which is the evolution of the teaching profession.

STEM Camps

STEM Proclamations

A STEM City/Town project is a collective impact project in which local stakeholders provide STEM-based education for the benefit of the city’s children, economic viability, and workforce development. This project prepares kids for future jobs and develops a workforce to support current businesses, thereby positioning a city, town, or region as a better place to live, work, and play in the future. We work with the district and local and state governments to launch a STEM City/Town. This serves as a statement to the world that the community is innovating for 21st century opportunities in education, talent development, workforce development, and economic development.

STEM Proclamations

Observational Challenge

On the back of each card, you will find a “Did You Know?” interesting STEM & Sports fact related to the STEM Topic on the front. 

Under the “Did You Know?” the fact is a STEM Observation Challenge. 

    • Your challenge is to find something that answers the task on the card while you are attending the STEM Expo. 
    • Once you find it, scan the QR code at the bottom, it will take you to a submission page. 
    • Type the item you observed that meets the challenge, along with the unique card number (number found on the front) and hit submit. 
  • Example:
  • “Find something that is animated.” 
  • While you are walking around the STEM Expo you see a monitor with an animated logo. 
  • You scan the QR code on the back and submit “
  • This will enter you in the drawing for a Samsung Tablet.


There will be 3 prize winners for participation in the STEM & Sports Observation Challenge. Each prize winner will receive a Samsung Tablet. 

Prize winners will be selected at three different times throughout the STEM Expo. 

  • 8:30 – 10:00 (first prize winner will be announced at 10:05)
  • 10:00 – 11:00 (second prize winner will be announced at 11:05)
  • 11:00 – 12:00 (third prize winner will be announced at 12:05)

In addition to the Samsung Tablet, winners also receive a 1-year enrollment into any of the STEM & Sports: Baseball Series courses. 

  • After receiving your tablet at the STEM Expo, our team will gather your contact information and send a Congratulations and Welcome email detailing further instructions to access your STEM courses.

Rules Of Participation

In order to be entered in a random drawing for a Samsung Tablet and receive a 1-year free enrollment in our STEM courses, you must complete the Observation Challenge on the back of the STEM & Sports Series baseball card by:

  1. Finding something that fits the challenge described on the back of your card
  2. Scan the QR code and submit what you find, along with the unique card number found on the front in the top right corner.
  3. You must also agree that if you win, you will provide your first and last name and an email address where we can send further details to access your free courses.