STEM Fest in Bridgeport, CT with over 50 STEM Stations

21stCentEd has partnered with Bridgeport Public Schools to offer Comprehensive STEM™ and transform the trajectory of students and educators as a result. In the summer of 2022, 21stCentEd hosted a districtwide STEM Fest featuring over 50 STEM stations where the community was able to experience a variety of ways that STEM impacts our civilization. These kind of fun yet educational experiences allows us to extract the critical subject matter from the pages of books in classrooms, and watch them take shape in reality for everyone investigating the topics.

“One of our 5th grade classes did robotics with their kids, all hands on, and that class had 45% at or above proficient on the science SBAC, the NGSS. The average across the district might be 17-23% depending on the school,” said Dr. Selena Morgan, Executive Director of Elementary Schools.

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At 21stCentEd, a strong tomorrow is what we’re all about. We’ve been deeply invested in creating interactive STEM tools for kids for many years.