What Can You Do With Adobe Certifications?

Adobe certifications are a great way to boost any resume for those entering creative career fields. Professional certifications in the individual programs of Adobe Creative Cloud are essential for freelancers and those who are in designing careers. Here is what you can do with Adobe certifications.


Adobe has led the way in quality computer software for those who enter creative professions like photography, graphic design, and film. They have created a collection of their creative content apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC). This hub of more than 20 apps is an excellent resource for those in creative professions like photography, digital media, film, and graphic design.

The apps in Adobe CC range from Photoshop for photo editing to InDesign, which is used for graphic design. It is an essential application for those who want to create content for websites, print, and videos. Adobe CC also allows you to build websites and mobile apps.

Adobe CC has a cloud in which you can sync your projects. This way, you can access your projects from anywhere and on any device. This feature also allows you to collaborate with your team and project managers so you can get instant feedback.

With Creative Cloud, you will also have access to Behance, a huge online creative network. This gives you exposure and feedback from other creators and artists.

You will be able to download your Adobe CC apps directly onto your desktop computer. From the dashboard, you can keep track of all your apps and projects. The dashboard makes it simple to keep track of your files, settings, updates, and collaborators. It also gives you access to a library of tutorials to help you with all the different features found in Creative Cloud.


As more and more jobs move online, it is becoming increasingly important for those going into the workforce to have computer skills and/or certifications. This is especially true for those in creative careers. When you know your way around Adobe CC, it gives you a chance to demonstrate your skills to employers and clients.

For photographers and filmmakers, Adobe CC is an essential tool. It gives you access to several applications that will make your photos and videos look professional. Not only that, it gives you the tools needed to express your creativity and stand out from your competition.

Not only does Adobe CC benefit those in creative industries but it is also a huge help to those in marketing and advertising. Design ideas can easily be done anywhere and shared with your company. You will be able to create your own fonts and choose attractive color schemes that will give your advertising the pop that’s needed to draw the eye.

Prospective employers and clients are attracted to freelancers who have a wide range of Adobe CC skill sets. This creates a one-stop shop for all their creative needs and gives you the ability to choose which type of work you enjoy doing the most.

“knowing a candidate is Adobe certified gives peace of mind to companies looking for great talent!” – Brad Anderson, CEO of TechBridge Inc.

Employers will be looking for adobe certified professionals to fulfill all their creative needs. You do not need to wait until college or beyond to get Adobe certifications. 21stCentEd provides Adobe certification prep that will benefit you before you even get out of high school.


The huge application Hub, Adobe CC, may seem overwhelming when you first discover all it can do. It helps to get certifications in certain programs to not only give you a firm grasp on how the program works but also to add the certification to your resume.

It is also an excellent idea to begin Adobe CC certification prep before you enter college to help you stand out among your classmates. It gives you the ability to smoothly create and navigate these in-depth programs.

21stCentEd has several Adobe certification preps available to students.

Adobe InDesign Certification Prep

This course gives your student the prep they need to take the ACE Certification Exam on InDesign. With over ten modules, they will be able to see what it is like to work in a print or digital media environment. It will also help them stretch their creative wings by learning how to create their own artwork in InDesign. This certification prep will help them learn how to make complicated documents and effects.

Adobe Photoshop Certification Prep

Your budding photographer would love 21stCentEd’s Adobe Photoshop Certification Prep. They will learn how to navigate Ps, create their own projects, and be ready to take their certification exam. Photoshop is one of the most popular applications in Adobe CC and is a great skill set to add to any resume.

Adobe Illustrator Certification Prep

If your student is interested in a career in graphic design, Adobe Illustrator certification is a must. Have them prepare for this exam with this exciting prep course. They will learn how to properly use Illustrator by participating in hands-on projects that will immerse them in the program. They will learn how to use color and illustrations to enhance their projects.


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